Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thanks for the Awesome Blueberry Pie Recipe, Phyllis!

I love food blogs!  There are so many great food blog writers on the internet.  I occasionally read some very popular food blogs like and, but I like stumbling upon lesser known food blogs and finding some great recipes.  

One day, I came across the "Me Hungry" Blog authored by couple Phyllis and Kris.  (Mega points for a fabulous and to the point blog name!)  There were many posts on "Me Hungry" that I thought were great.  I was sad to see that there hasn't been a new post since November 2011, since the previous posts were very interesting.  One post in particular caught my eye.  It was entitled "The Best Blueberry Pie EVER."  Not "The Best Blueberry Pie Ever"... oh no, it was "The Best Blueberry Pie EVER."  I wanted to see if the recipe was worth the excess capitalization in the blog post title.

I was in Minnesota for Mother's Day this past weekend.  My mother doesn't really eat sweets (proof that I must have been descended from aliens), but my step-father never met a blueberry pie he didn't like.  I asked my little sister Squidge, who I was visiting at college; if she wanted to try the Me Hungry Blog's Best Blueberry Pie EVER recipe to bring to our parents' home for Mother's Day.  I had sent her the link that had both the recipe and a picture of the pie.  Squidge took one look at the Me Hungry blog and agreed we needed to try it out.

My sister lives with four college senior roommates - 3 men, 1 woman in a 3 bedroom, 2 story apartment.  Now I am not one to live in "sweeping generalization land," but my sister's male roommates are not exactly the most tidy of housekeepers.  Before we set upon our pie-making, my sister and I had to run three loads of dishes through the dishwasher and scrub (and scrub hard!) down the kitchen.  I needed a HAZMAT suit for this endeavor!  After much cleaning and sanitizing, it was time to make some pie.  

My sister grabbed her favorite pie crust recipe.  Who knew she had a favorite pie crust recipe?  Who knew my sister even had recipes?  I am hopelessly useless with pie crusts.  I buy frozen pie crusts or pre-made graham cracker crusts.  So watching my 22 year old sister whip out two made from scratch flaky pie crusts like an old pro made me feel both proud and also deficient.  I may have to take some remedial crust classes!

Like any good cooking show, we had a live audience "oohing" and "ahhhing" over our pie making skills.  Unlike any good cooking show, our audience was comprised of a large room of 20-something males drinking beer.  They would peer into the kitchen and take deep inhales of the butter-scented air.  I suddenly felt very protective of the pie ingredients - like they were plump little pork chops in a wolf's den!  I seriously thought the beer-drinking college boys were going to eat the raw pie crust if we were not watching.

Phyllis' Me Hungry Blog blueberry pie filling recipe is very easy with minimal ingredients.  It takes five cups of fresh blueberries.  One cup of blueberries is mashed with water, sugar, lemon juice, salt and cornstarch to make a sauce that binds the berries together, the remaining four cups are then tossed in the sauce.  

You're supposed to add some butter at the end, but we forgot to add it - and the filling tasted great regardless.  I'll have to try this recipe again and add the butter to see if there is a noticeable difference.  Although frankly, I'd rather skip the butter and just put more whipped cream on the pie.  Heh heh! 

After tossing the remaining four cups of blueberries in the sauce, you pour the cooled filling in the cooled pie crust.  Here is Squidge demonstrating her pie filling method.

After filling the baked pie shell, we chilled the pie overnight.

The blueberry pie was our post-Mother's Day brunch dessert.  Phyllis' Me Hungry Blog Post has a recipe for sweetened fresh whipped cream, but we cut corners and used Cool Whip instead.

It really is the best blueberry pie EVER!
This pie was delicious.  It was very fresh tasting.  The sauce added to the rich, fresh flavor without overpowering it.  It was also not overly sweet, like canned blueberry pie filling.  Thumbs up to Phyllis on this great blueberry pie recipe.  It really is "The Best Blueberry Pie EVER."

P.S.  Squidge and I also made a fresh strawberry pie for her roommates (as bribery not to touch the blueberry pie while it was chilling).  We grabbed a recipe from a Southern food blog where the sauce was thickened with both cornstarch and strawberry gelatin.   

You may look delicious but your gelatin sauce wasn't stellar!

The pie looked good but taste-wise, it was too artificial-tasting due to the gelatin.  Next time, I would use Phyllis' recipe and just exchange strawberries for blueberries.  Live and learn!

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