Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Most Beautiful Dessert of 2013 - [ONE] Restaurant - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Hello LilyOnTheLam.Com Readers:

Happy New Year's Eve!  As we close out 2013, I wanted to share with you the most beautiful dessert I have eaten this year.  It is absolutely the most gorgeous, most creative thing (and tasty too!) and it still would have been cheap at twice the price.

Ladies and Gentlemen … I present to you …

The Candy Apple from One Restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina ($9).

The best looking dessert of 2013 and the shadow of my iPhone ;-)

Now forgive me if I don't 100% accurately describe the details.  The server explained all the components but I may be misremembering some of them.  The apple is actually a spun sugar shell that you crack into - inside is a creamy cold ice cream/gelato like apple cream.  It is sitting on a bed of pie crust crumbles with a graham cracker base rolled to look like stick cinnamon.  There are cubes of apple flavored gelee under the "faux apple" as well and the entire thing is wrapped with a sweet cotton candy.

It is layers and layers of flavor - cinnamon, buttery pie crust, the crisp and cold contrast of the cream and the gelee - and the purity of the tart fresh apple taste.  Even though the apple exterior is spun sugar and it is covered with cotton candy, the dessert itself is not overly sweet.  

I felt like I was in Manhattan dining at One Restaurant.  I watched the chefs place components on plates with small tweezers.  Everything was meticulous.  Customer service was top notch.  

I kept commenting that this should be a $20 dessert.  It was absolutely the most beautiful, most tasty, most transport you into wonderfulness dessert I have had in 2013.  If my life were Snow White, this gorgeous apple would be my downfall.  It was fabulous - and well worth a trip to Chapel Hill.

If you're not into sweets, I also had the Beef in Chrysanthemum Crust with sunchokes, marinated mushrooms and a branch made out of saltine cracker dough.

The beef was simple, flavorful, tender and perfectly cooked.  I still have no clue what a Chrysanthemum crust is, but I know it was delicious.  I am usually not a big fan of sunchokes but whatever One Restaurant did to their sunchokes made them the best I have ever had.  The mushrooms were so tender- utter perfection.  And what can I say?  The whole presentation was gorgeous.

This is a restaurant you cannot miss!  A+ all around!

Happy New Year's Eve!
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